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Nick Moallem, LMHC

Nicks approach to therapy involves helping you notice and change the patterns that dominate your life. This often means that we will be looking at feelings, sensations, and thoughts as they arise in the present moment while developing an understanding of the past experiences they are related to. Nick utilizes a trauma centered approach as well as Internal Family Systems (IFS), psychodynamic, somatic and attachment based modalities. During this process, we will uncover some of the unspoken beliefs you have been harboring about yourself and the world. Beliefs which may have been shaping your perspective for years without your awareness. Nick comes from a therapeutic background which considers all of our personal burdens and ‘problems’ to result from our reactions to personal life experiences.

This means that, instead of blaming or labeling, we will both work towards an understanding of how your difficulties have emerged and what function they serve.

Nick also tend to explore the relationship you have with yourself, and how it makes its way into your connection with other people. This process can be demanding, and Nick makes sure that you feel safe and supported throughout it. This often involves helping you to adopt adequate coping skills to help you through whatever daily challenges you might be experiencing.


Accepted Insurance plans:

  • BCBS
  • United Health
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • Tufts
  • Out of Pocket $99
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